After The Gig, The Internal Debriefing

For me, it’s all about the audience. That is who I create for; if they are into it, I can at the very least, keep punching, honing and evolving…

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You ask yourself, “How did it go?”.

After many years I have concluded that how it went is really a matter of perception, that is, one of three perceptions:

1. How the audience perceived your performance.

2. How you perceived your performance.

3. How you actually performed.

For me, it’s all about the audience. That is who I create for; if they are into it, I can at the very least keep punching, honing and evolving. It’s like looking in the mirror; you’ve got be able to look yourself in the eye and know that YOU are a SINCERE work in progress.

So when you do “that” gig that doesn’t pay very much, make sure you do it for the right reasons and make sure you are at peace with yourself and remember why you started on your musical path to begin with.

There have been many times when…

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What’ll It Be? A Shot Of Whiskey Or A Chocolate Milkshake?

I love jazz: listening, composing, playing, talking about… but I grew up loving The Who, Beatles, Yardbirds, Beachboys etc; I honour my influences and acknowledge my mentors 100%- that’s how I connect with my audience and fuel my passion…

Arnold Faber "Vibeman's" Blog

You choose…

Most people casually offered the choice of liquor or a chocolate milkshake, will likely reach for the shake and gluck it back; broccoli or fries, fries; stairs or elevator, elevator; etc..

Music offered for listening: Classical or Classic Rock; Jazz or Smooth Jazz; Western or Country… you get the point.

Because we are somewhat robotic when it comes to the constant bombarding influence of marketing, we will usually choose the path of least resistance. I mean, let’s face it, the milkshake does go down SOMEWHAT more easily than a fine scotch. We are talking acquired taste vs no effort gratification.

It is important to me that my music gets a fair “shake”. I choose to believe that GOOD music is GOOD music (regardless of genre) and will appeal to a certain percentage of listeners regardless of demographics.

I feel, the depth, sincerity and presentation of the musical offering…

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I AM NOT A Jazz Musician; I AM A Musician, Who Loves Playing Jazz!

Emulation is futile and aggravates me to no-end; snobbery, at any level of competence is intolerable; egotistic hoarding of knowledge is unforgivable…

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I grew up with The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones. I did not grow up with Charlie Parker, John Coltrane or Miles Davis. I am however, infused with The Beatles, The Who, and the Rolling Stones while I revereCharlie Parker, John Coltrane and Miles Davis.

1Hilton Jefferson 2Benny Golson 3Art Farmer 4Wilbur Ware 5Art Blakey 6Chubby Jackson  7Johnny Griffin 8Dickie Wells 9Buck Clayton 10Taft Jordan 11Zutty Singleton 12Red Allen  13Tyree Glenn 14Miff Molo 15Sonny Greer 16Jay C. Higginbotham 17Jimmy Jones 18Charles Mingus  19Jo Jones 20Gene Krupa 21Max Kaminsky 22George Wettling 23 Bud Freeman 24Pee Wee Russell  25Ernie Wilkins 26Buster Bailey  27Osie Johnson 28Gigi Gryce 29

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LISTEN, Make Up YOUR OWN Mind; Wake Up, SMELL The Coffee, And Chill A Moment Before Chowing Down!

There also seems to be an upsurge of live music in general. More people are going out and appreciating the excitement of live performance as opposed to just the spoon fed convenience of slick production at home…

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Things are looking up!

Excess has been a definite “North American” habit since the industrial revolution began and I really believe that it has had a somewhat detrimental effect on our culture including, our art forms. More bang for your buck, supersize me, all you can eat buffet, etc.; all these more for less concepts have made us somewhat lazy and unappreciative both literally and figuratively.

When we are kids, we all seem to jump on “bandwagons” (i.e. dictated by whatever peer group influence we were surrounded by; advertising aimed at our particular age group, etc.). The call of advertising/marketing is hypnotic to be sure but, as we age, one would think experience should really allow us to think about our habits, routines and interests somewhat more introspectively- not to mention just how we choose to influence young people around us…

Life After Shredding? Life After Shredding?

A while back, someone remarked to…

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Honing Your Craft, Carving Your Slice Of Life Parallel

…no matter how you sliced it, the image remained true to the actual angle you revealed…

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Every Slice Was Deliciously Consistent... Every Slice Was Deliciously Consistent…

I always think of this ice cream cake that my mother used to get when we were kids; it had an animal or design shape of some kind in the middle of it. The interesting thing about it was, that no matter how you sliced it, the image remained true to the actual angle you revealed.

I never forgot it.

It seemed to impress me; I related to it on so many levels. I wanted to approach what I did with my life so when observed from any angle, I would be perceived the same way. Be it familial, professional or just personal, I really wanted to be a consistent person across the board.

Sometimes to a fault it seems…

I have tried to follow through on all levels of my “earthly relationships” of family, friends, business and simple common courtesies with the same thoroughness…

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Less Is Best Is A Concept I Live By Musically & Philosophically

Less is best is a concept I live by musically as well as philosophically. While moving along my musical path, I realize some of the most simple ideas can be the most effective ideas…

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Many people perceive the “less is best” concept as erring on the side of caution. To me, when thought out and employed, it is an art form in itself. Language, art, music, cooking; the list, for applying the less is best concept? Endless.

Less is best is a concept I live by musically as well as philosophically. While moving along my musical path, I realize some of the mostsimple ideas can be the most effective ideas.

The intro to The Tragically Hip’s Little Bones is currently haunting me. When I first looked at it I thought nice- but not a lot to it. I was wrong. Looking more closely, I realized it was an interesting study in octave displacement.

Licks, riffs and hooks that stay in my head usually influence me in some way.

“It (the octave) is so important that, in spite of large differences that exist…

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“I’m Dancin’, I’m Dancin’ !”- Olive Oyl (AND I SINCERELY HOPE YOU LIKE IT)

I really enjoy playing. So I talk to the audience in a way which allows me to include them with my experience…

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Reducing the distance between the stage and my audience has always been my thrust. The idea of including the listener in every stage of my music is essential to what I wish to communicate and/or state.

When I get an idea for any music I compose, I put a sketch together based on a theme that I hear in my head. If this theme stays with me while I develop it, I see it through to a state of completion. Although I don’t compose for a particular market (unless it is a “job”), I consider each step from the listeners’ point of view; that is, I put myself in the audience as if I were listening to me. I do this to make sure I am communicating my ideas and making them accessible.

I need my audience. Besides the obvious, I need the exchange of energy so, I start…

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The creation of a one man/+2 interactive show. The music features the vibraphone as alter-ego to Arnold Faber's consummate passion for music, composition and performance.

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